560 Westmount exterior image from across Northfield
560 Westmount exterior image as seen from the entrance of the parking lot
560 Westmount exterior details
560 Westmount exterior details
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560 Westmount

Located on a narrow parcel of land, this 86,000 sq. ft., three-storey office building engages with the landscape with two bars containing pods of offices connected by bridges at each level and two multi-storey lobbies. The lobbies provide entry points from the parking located at the northern and southern ends of the site.

Structural glazing provides an abundance of natural light to the lobbies as well providing framed views of the landscaped entry courtyards. Light wells spaced evenly along east and west façades introduce natural light to the circulation corridors and bridges that bisect the building.

From Westmount Road, the façade has a rhythm of punched windows and slender fins which visually open up when passing the building. To expand upon the rhythm, a series of wrapped window boxes project from the building and provide overlooking views to Laurel Creek and the surrounding landscape.

The segmented retaining walls mirror the scale and rhythm of the façade elements helping to root the building in the landscape and provide screened views to and from the building.

This project was started and/or completed under Certificate of Practice issued to Robertson Simmons architects inc. prior to firm name change to Martin Simmons Architects Inc.
86,000 sq. ft.
Waterloo, Ontario
LEED® Silver Certified
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