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Before pen is set to paper, the client experience begins with assembling the ideal team to lead design and construction. As the architecture firm, we establish and champion the goals of the client, the needs of the building users, and the requirements of the surrounding locality. From these goals, our team of architects, technologists, and project managers guide the project forward with an eye to practicalities of timeline, budget, and requirements as well as pushing the entire project team to create a building with an elegant and forward-looking aesthetic.

Learn more about the primary phases of the project experience and the members of our talented team involved from the first phase to the last—and everything in between.

Design Phase

Architecture is not just the built environment. It is also an expression of our culture and can provide comfort and inspiration to those who live, work, and visit the spaces we create. Our design team leads the creation of forward-looking, contemporary designs that uniquely suit each budgetary, site, time, and client requirement. Our team of designers is there for the first steps of defining your project goals and vision, to create preliminary designs that capture the essence of your project. Through regular meetings with the client, our design team refines your design to create presentation drawings that will guide and structure through to construction.

Documentation Phase

We are known in the community for its sophisticated design aesthetic, but within the design and construction community, we are also known for the quality of its working drawings, bidding documents, and all other documentation that forms the backbone of a successful design process. It is these documents that are used to obtain planning approvals, building permits, and project pricing and to determine scheduling targets. They are also used to obtain bids from construction partners and sub-trades and, perhaps most importantly, to guide precisely how to construct the project. Many different roles and skills, including computer drafting and AutoCAD and Revit expertise, play a part in the creation of superior contract documents. Partners-in-Charge and project architects work with senior technologists to coordinate the work of a team of sub-consultants such as civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers.

Construction Administration Phase

Our team not only creates the design vision and detailed working drawings but also ensures the final built project meets the potential and requirements laid out in these documents. To that end, our contract administration team conducts on-site reviews of the construction process so any challenges are identified and resolved quickly. Their responsibilities include written and sketch responses to contractor requests for information, reviewing shop drawings, inspecting work on-site, scrutinizing payment requests, and issuing payment certificates. At the end of the project, our team coordinates the review of warranties, and closeout documents, and issues certificates of substantial completion. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the client is proud of the final project and feels all project goals are achieved.

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