Aerial view of A Grander View beside the Grand River
Staff talking on the stairs in front of the wall sculpture of the Grand River in A Grander View
A staff work area inside A Grander View
View of bright office inside A Grander View
Exterior of A Grander View building
Entrance of A Grander View building
Building details for A Grander View
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A Grander View

Sustainable, “green building” design was an emerging field in the early 2000s. Kitchener’s Enermodal Engineering was a leader in the field, pioneering the LEED® system of rating and certifying green projects in Canada. As the firm expanded and looked for new quarters, a Lancaster Road property with a lofty view of the Grand River became available. Although the project was a response to the need for larger quarters, just as importantly A Grander View was to demonstrate a wide range of green and energy-saving features. The building became a working showcase and demonstration facility, an exciting opportunity to show clients, building operators, and other consultants various ways to improve sustainability.

Daylight penetration into the building and views of the Grand River were project priorities. From an architectural standpoint, the narrow footprint and large windows allowed sufficient sunlight into each floor that artificial lighting use could be significantly reduced. The three-storey lobby area is decorated with a glass sculpture modelled on the exact configuration of the Grand River.

Heating and cooling was provided exclusively by electricity through a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system (a Canadian first). An earth tube provided temper incoming air to minimize heating and cooling loads.

A Grander View building was Canada’s first LEED triple platinum project and went on to win numerous local and national awards, including

  • Selected as one of two buildings that represent Canada at the Sustainable Buildings Challenge in Helsinki in October 2011
  • Tree for Life award from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies
  • Award of Distinction from the Ontario Building Envelope Council
  • Livable Building Award from the Center for the Built Environment
  • Urban Design Award from the City of Kitchener

However, the essential proof of the building is in its performance. A Grander View achieved an 80% reduction in energy and water consumption, and it continues to inspire building designers to this day.

This project was started and/or completed under Certificate of Practice issued to Robertson Simmons architects inc. prior to firm name change to Martin Simmons Architects Inc.
22,000 sq. ft.
Kitchener, Ontario
LEED® Triple Platinum Certified
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"In our desire to create Canada’s greenest office building, we needed an architecture firm that had the highest technical and project management skills and could deliver an attractive building that our employees would be proud to work in. We felt that Martin Simmons Architects was one of the few firms that could meet our exacting requirements. We could not be more pleased with the results. The project achieved all the desired technical goals, was completed on time and on budget and is a beautiful example of contemporary architecture."

Stephen Carpenter
(former) President, Enermodal Engineering

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