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Join a team of creative problem solvers who are shaping the essence of the aesthetic, liveability, and connectivity of the Region of Waterloo and beyond.


Take a walk through our studio space, and you’ll overhear engaged conversations between colleagues as they debate design details. Even if someone isn’t working on a particular project, they are happy to chat through problems and solutions. No matter if a team member is a partner or a co-op student, their opinion is respected and initiative is encouraged.

In our approach with leading design teams, we take a collaborative approach that encourages honesty and the best work possible from consultants.

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Rather than simply producing designs as quickly and cheaply as possible, we aim high with all our designs. Round after round of drawings are produced internally before presenting to clients. This way we ensure that the project not only meets the site and client requirements, but that every detail is carefully considered and the design will stand the test of time and move the architectural standard of the community forward.

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Each team member uses their own background, project experience, and personality to benefit their projects. Rather than rigidly defined processes and roles, we encourage everyone to tailor their approach and job to their own strengths and the needs of the project.

Everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at different aspects of the business, such as marketing, business development, or community relations, depending on their particular interests and skills.

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If there is a common thread that connects every member of our team it is creativity. From producing finely honed design to outside the box approaches to common construction challenges, you’ll find not a day goes where creativity isn’t on display throughout our work.

“I really enjoy working with both partners, Patrick Simmons and Jason Martin. With Jason, I know we have a similar design vision and prioritize good composition. And I’ve seen Patrick inspire me and others by being a great leader and modeling how to work well with clients.”

Andraz Kavcic
Senior Design Associate, Martin Simmons Sweers Architects
Andraz Kavcic Senior Design Associate

“It’s pretty rare you have a firm as established in a community as this one. It’s so entwined with the history of the region, you can see its fingerprints all over the community. In fact, my grandfather worked at this firm (under a different name) in the 1950s when he moved here. I’m glad I get to be part of that legacy and tradition.”

AJ Vlcek,
Project Architect, Martin Simmons Sweers Architects
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