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Purpose and Vision

As our community moved forward into an exciting period of universal modernist design following the Second World War, a new aesthetic, shaped by industry, and changing lifestyles emerged. At this time, the firm of Barnett & Rieder Architects was formed and quickly became the regional architects that would shape this new style in Waterloo Region.

The firm held various names over the past 75 years, and is now known as Martin Simmons Sweers. The characteristics of forward-looking architects and designers that reflect leading architectural trends around the world, while retaining a uniquely regional aesthetic and approach, is still essential to the work of our firm today.

Learn about the evolution of Waterloo Region’s architecture and its ties to economic and social progress in a recent blog article.

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Our goal is always to deliver the most refined design possible given our client and project needs. To accomplish this, we lead our clients and project teams with an eye to uplifting projects from the mundane to memorable. We look to combine bold and creative designs with a practical understanding of the construction process to ensure successful projects and clients who are eager to work with us again and again.