The Bright Building

Stylish coziness and effortless comfort on King. The sophisticated, urban, and walkable lifestyle comes to midtown Kitchener at 741 King St West.

Patrick Simmons
January 26, 2021

The sophisticated, urban, and walkable lifestyle comes to midtown Kitchener. For those looking for a taste of ‘hygge’ – the Danish term for a contented sense of wellbeing – the new 18-storey condo tower at 741 King St West is designed to epitomize stylish coziness and effortless comfort. MartinSimmons Architects delivered this bar-raising design with an eye to efficiency in space, energy use, and cost for the building’s owner, HIP Developments. Bright Building residents will enjoy the contemporary Scandinavian inspired amenities.

The Bright Building's exterior street view

Common purpose

Common areas are decked out with warm materials, colours and bright, inviting furnishings. Residents will have access to spaces for remote working, lounges, and – in true Scandinavian design – saunas located on a massive shared terrace. The suites include custom millwork storage units to help make the most of compact spaces and maintain a feeling of openness. All 228 units are outfitted to appeal to the style conscious buyer looking for their own one- or two-bedroom oasis amidst the up-and-coming central Kitchener.

Steps from the front door of The Bright Building is the ION light rail transit line to whisk residents to Kitchener’s and Waterloo’s cores, retail shopping, and dozens of major employers in the Region. The Bright Building enables residents to choose to live in a downtown, car-free lifestyle.

A fit for midtown

Creating a brand-new condo tower in between the downtown cores of Kitchener and Waterloo was sure to attract the attention of city planners, local stakeholders, and neighbours. MartinSimmons struck a delicate balance between the demands of municipal guidelines and the owner’s vision and budget. By creating a 2 storey podium frame structure along the King Street West frontage reinforces the street edge, grounding the 18 storey tower above, and responding to the energy of the street.

The Bright Building façade boasts an eye-catching mixture of precast concrete with richly coloured aluminum windows, frames, and balcony doors. Decorative metal panel canopies with wood-look aluminum plank soffits and warm accent lighting balance the contemporary, concrete-faced building form. The project is a reflection of balanced architectural design brought to life with total precast construction, aluminum and glass.

The Bright Building's outdoor space includes saunas on massive shared balconies and roof terrace

"MartinSimmons and HIP are working on several residential projects together, and the architectural design, from the suite layouts to amenity areas, to the streetscape, appeals to buyers as well as elevating the aesthetic of the downtown core.”

Randy Ranouf, HIP Developments

An eye to longevity

The building design was achieved by a shared focus on the project concepts, and pushing the limits of design. The team worked closely together to achieve a creative, yet simple solution, that invokes a sense of style and ease.

The Bright Building's light, airy and bright residential unit

MartinSimmons pride themselves on strong customer service, diligence in controlling project costs and embracing solutions that reduce maintenance costs and increase durability. Eliminating the need for gas fired systems, The Bright Building uses high efficiency electrical heating and cooling, decreasing its carbon footprint, and attract condo owners who are looking for sustainable multiunit residential solutions. The building also makes use of the latest technologies to ensure a seamless and integrated experience for residents. All smart building attributes – including lighting/heating controls, security, building access, elevator call, and parcel delivery – can be controlled from residents’ smartphones.

The Bright Building fits our city’s need for well-designed housing solutions. MartinSimmons and HIP Developments are working to add a distinctive, new architectural feature on King Street West in Kitchener, Ontario.